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16 Jan

Boa-WHAT? Cupua-WHAT? (or, 'How This All Got Started')

Posted by Paul Nobrega in BoaVida, dry skin, hand lotion, lotion, skin care

How Did Boa Vida® Begin?

Boa Vida® is formulated and manufactured in the United States, at a company which is celebrating its 88th year of same-family-ownership.     As an EPA and FDA registered facility, our company formulates and manufactures skin care and infection control topicals for both the human and animal health markets.

Not long ago we noticed that a competitor was having tremendous success in the human health care field with their one of their skin care lines.    And frankly, for good reason.   They were doing a lot of things really well.    And as we received more and more feedback about this competitive product, we saw an opportunity.    An opportunity to improve upon what they're doing well, as well as an opportunity to improve upon some things aspects of their line.

So that's exactly what our creative formulating chemists did - they built a better mousetrap.   

And we named it 'Boa Vida®'.


Why the Name?

Boa Vida® is Portuguese for "Good Life".   Why Portuguese?   Because our grandfather (who founded our company) was born in Portugal and immigrated to the United States as a young man.   It truly was the classic immigrant story.     Yet that's not how we landed on BoaVida.    While searching for that catalyst ingredient, we found something different - something unique - and something VERY real.    Cupuacu Butter.   From the Cupuacu Tree.    And the only place that tree is found is in the rain forests of the Amazon (primarily northern Brazil).     Brazil…..Portuguese…..get it? Why Cupuacu Butter?   Because it is an absolutely remarkable substance!   It's the pulp on the inside that - when processed - is incorporated into the product and provides the magic.    Best of all, the fruit falls to the ground under its own weight, and simply grows back over time - so no trees are sacrificed.     As it turns out, the cupuacu fruit harvests are creating a tremendous economic benefit for that rather poor region of Brazil - so it's a real opportunity.    A real win-win -for everyone.

About Cupuacu

Cupuacu provides remarkable benefits - some of which we cannot put on our labeling, simply because it's outside the FDA monograph for skin protectants.    Yet a simply google search will reveal benefits such as improving skin elasticity (anti-wrinkles), burn healing, and scar therapy.    For our purposes, however, we zeroed in on skin moisturization.     It's ability to penetrate the skin quickly (transdermal penetration)  - and then retain that moisture - is unparalleled.    It's even far more effective than shea butter or lanolin.   Best of all - it's a fruit.    No allergy potential, and it's as natural of an ingredient as you can find.   It literally grows on trees!

So that's how the line came about.     It looks great, smells wonderful, and Cupuacu clearly has some remarkable benefits, based on a number of initial case studies (and considerable documentation on the internet).   Yet how does it translate to the health care market?   How well does it actually work folks with real skin needs?     We decided to find out.

Last year a 127-bed facility in the southeast part of the United States agreed to take our entire line in-house, and use it exclusively for 30 days.    We had no relationship with this facility - we never visited, nor did we know any of their employees or owners.    

The results?   After 30 days, there was an 85% decrease in xerosis…..a 55% decrease in skin tears….and a 45% in physician-ordered treatment for denuded skin.     Boa Vida® had a profound impact on the residents, clearly elevating the quality of their skin integrity.    It also proved to be financially beneficial for the facility, as preventing wounds is far less expensive than treating them.     As it turns out, these results were so remarkable, that a certified wound care nurse instructor submitted them as clinical poster at a national expo for wound care providers.    That's just one facility study - we have more underway.    And again, results coming in are remarkable.   As they get finalized, we will continue to make those results available.  


Why an Internet Store?

Because we kept getting calls from people who want to buy it!   We traditionally sell through medical distributors, however most of the public does not have access to these distribution channels.   So we decided to make it easier, and launched www.MyBoaVida.com


What Next?

Well, that's a good question.    We do offer other products - shampoos, hand sanitizers, and soaps - that may eventually end up on this store.    Much of that depends on demand.    What are you interested in?



Thank you.   Thank your for your interest, and thank you for your support.    Please know that when you purchase Boa Vida®, you are supporting a family-owned business that produces 100% of their products in American's heartland.    Supporting our own is important to us, and we suspect it's important to you as well.   

For that, we sincerely thank you.