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About Boa Vida®

Boa Vida® ('Good Life' in Portuguese) is a high-performance skin care line that effectively protects & restores malnourished and battered skin, using natural, organic Cupuacu Butter from the Amazonian/Brazillian biomes.


The Cupuacu (pronounced 'coo-pwah-sue') tree is indigenous to the rainforest canopy of several South American countries, though it's found in particular abundance in the north of Brazil. Cupuacu trees belong to the cocoa family and grow to a height of 30 to 60 feet. The melon-shaped fruit of the tree has been a primary food source for natives in the rainforests for centuries, and has a creamy, exotic pulp at the center. The seeds within this pulp serve as the source for Cupuacu Butter, which has fantastic water absorption & subsequent moisture retention abilities.


Cupuacu Butter is vitamin-enriched, contains powerful antioxidants, as well as high levels of phytosterols (which help regulate skin cell balance). Its unique, natural properties allow for fast transdermal penetration and quick relief. An incomparable moisture-retainer, Cupuacu Butter naturally encourages the recovery of malnourished, compromised skin.


Among the phytosterols found in Cupuacu Butter are beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, & Campesterol, which help control the balance & activity of the lipids contained with the epidermal (outer) skin layer. Unlike Lanolin and Shea Butter (a member of the nut family), Cupuacu Butter has no known population segment with potential allergic responses – rather, it has been evaluated at length for its hypoallergenic qualities. Non-irritating & non-sensitizing, it helps provide rapid moisture relief & retention.


Quickly penetrates and hydrates...

Clinical testing shows that Cupuacu Butter has an unparalleled capacity for transepidermal penetration, outperforming lanolin by over 200%.

And stays longer...

Transepidermal Water Loss (or TEWL) is defined as a measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body through the epidermal layer of the surrounding atmosphere. TEWL can increase due to disruption to the skin barrier (wounds, extreme dryness) and is affected by humidity, temperature, season, and moisture content of the skin (hydration level).

Clinical testing shows that Cupuacu Butter lowers TEWL delivering a significant continuous barrier and thus helps keep the skin hydrated.


When you purchase Boa Vida® products, you are helping support a biodiversity program that practices strict compliance with eco-sustainable standards. The collection of rainforest Cupuacu Butter is carried out with the involvement of local inhabitant communities & associations, respecting seasonal variations. We are committed to supporting our social and environmental responsibilities, while contributing to regional development of the local Brazilian communities, and preservation of the planet's largest natural reserve.